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Beef & Veal

We source our livestock from throughout South Australia. We also buy branded beef from different areas around Australia. All our beef products are processed in-house at our facility in Gepps Cross.

Austral Meat can supply all types and grades of beef, ranging from premium MSA grain fed, through to more economic lines. Our supply range also includes selected pasture fed products, from different regions of Australia.

All cuts of beef can be delivered to your business in our own fleet of refrigerated vehicles, whether in the form of a whole carcass, primals or portion controlled cuts.

Austral Meat has the ability to apply different ageing techniques to beef products. Using ageing techniques in our purpose built chiller improves the tenderness and taste of the product. Talk to us today if you are interested in having us supply aged beef to your business.

As well as our extensive lines of beef products, veal is also available in many different cuts. The majority of our veal is sourced from the southern regions of Australia.  Talk to us about which cut will suit you best or refer to our Veal Primal Cuts Breakdown.

See our beef primal breakdown chart
See our veal primal breakdown chart