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Food safety

Austral Meat maintains the highest standard of food safety and hygiene in our processing facility. Hygiene and food safety are protocols that are forefront in the management of our business and we benchmark ourselves from the highest of standards.

Internally, our auditing team conduct daily food safety and hygiene testing through our quality management system. This method ensures that the highest level of quality control is maintained.

Externally, we are periodically audited by Aus-Meat to maintain our certified accreditation. Aus-Meat are responsible for regulating meat industry standards throughout Australia. We also receive periodic inspections and audits from the other accreditation bodies listed on the Accreditations page of the website.

Austral Meat consistently exceeds expectations and requirements of the various accreditors that asses our premises. Austral Meat was the first company in South Australia to achieve both Aus-Meat and Meat Hygiene Unit accreditation.